Favourite 2011 Works

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Old Stuff

This is about inter-generational abuse.
How in my view, a mother has the ultimate responsibility of the protection of her children in all ways.

An “ups” to our Pacific brothers and sisters who have made the trek to New Zealand to make a new home.
More personally it is about my own children’s heritage through their grandfather
coming from Niue in the 1960’s.
My nephew and niece whose grandparents came from Samoa.
And my other nephew whose grandparents came from the Cook Islands in the 1970’s.

Translated it means “To Pour in the Beauty”.
Pouring into your children all the good stuff you have to help them in their lives, with a ripple effect of continuance.

The Lovers.
How we meet someone and twine our lives around each other so much it is impossible to imagine our lives without them.

A Niuean word meaning to take particular care, to look after well.
Is about my own family – husband and children. Their individual personalities and our need to support each other.
Individually we are okay, but as a unit we are stunning!

SOLD Commissioned work
The story of two people who met and twined their lives around each other.

  1. jeaniengatoro says:

    teno ataahua….. love your mahi….. look forward to seeing more

  2. jeaniengatoro says:

    Teno ataahua…. love your work….. look forward to the up and coming : )

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