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“No Hea Koe?”
Glitter, Enamel, Ink, Copper nails,Canvas, mdf, Recycled Rimu

The glitter painting just on canvas was first completed in 2010, but I never felt it was complete. Was also hanging the opposite way at that time and was called whakapapa.

A couple of weeks ago I finally pulled it out from under my bed and finished it – Where are you from? it is about acknowledging all of the places and people you come from, and the hopes and dreams for the people that will come from you.



Posted: July 3, 2012 in New Stuff

Time to plant kumara . . . .


“Toku Kumara”
Enamel and Glitter on bent mdf

Apart from the kumara reference for Matariki, this is a more personal, whimsical work.  It is an ode to the beautiful kumara which is my favourite of all veges. Also kumara is a source of tribal arguments between my husband and I!  He insists that taro is the best – taro is the main export from Niue where he descends from.  I insist that kumara is the best. We have been having this disagreement for the last 12 years (since we visited Niue) noone will concede . . .or ever will.

Work for Transit of Venus

Posted: July 3, 2012 in New Stuff

Though this is well overdue to blog on, following is the work completed for Transit of Venus, June 5/6.

Has been sold – woohoo!


“The Other Objective”
Enamel, Glitter, Ink, Sand, on mdf

This is about Captain Cook’s reason for coming to NZ.  It was the other objective of his trip from England, the first being to observe the Transit of Venus in Tahiti.