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Daily posts are sooo not going to happen so will refrain from making such rash statements again.

Anyway, am currently working on a work for Transit of Venus which will be complete within the next couple of days so will post a photo once done. Then is on to a work for Matariki.  Am loving kumara at the moment. Love the absolute rebelliousness of them – they will not conform to shape at all and are absolutely perfect because of it (terrible to peel though).

Will post photos once that project is complete also – am hoping to capture the beauty of the kumara!


I was supposed to post weekly but have been caught up in the whirlwind that is life and drama and have neglected blogging.

My humblest apologies . . .Have decided to make up for it with daily posts for a while until I can take it no longer.  Posts on works I have completed this year to date, and what I am currently working on, so let’s get started . . . .tomorrow . . . . have to take photos!!